Friday, May 29, 2015

Untitled #24

I see these kids
Jumping in joy
Through tears shed
Just at the word Hi
I see faces of awe
Stare into a rainbow
The smile on the face
At the mention of a name
I feel them feel so much more
Than I can comprehend
I sit here wondering
Am I missing a cog
Am I missing a gear
Am I fully here

How broken must I be

For you to not know
I need to be fixed

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I dreamt last night that I killed a man
I carved into his skin the words I long to say
I stabbed his chest with a cold steel blade
But you know what, what I find strange is
I was not met with any resistance
This man did not fight back
No cries of agony, no calls for mercy
The seven inch steel blade cutting
Flesh, apathy, disillusioned thoughts alike
And instead of red blood
A surreal indifference oozed out of the wounds

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I took a piece of your soul
to use as a night light
I keep it by my bedside
light it on dark cold nights

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Artist mine

For thee artist mine
I present my face and mind
paint an easy smile
upon this weary face
and dot shimmering stars
within these tired eyes
plant your garden
of unspoken words
water them flowers
with tears you've cried

I'm a blank canvas
I'm a cracked wall
tear away the paint
and bear my soul
mold, carve and forge
whatever you see fit
raze yourself over my ruins
with your constructive destruction
and let me hold on to
whatever that is left of you

Friday, March 14, 2014


and there sat a lady
with stories to tell
eager ears listen
while she went on
for a thousand nights

shake those fears
follow these leading hands
come, they call
it is time they say
come child, far away

see those lights go out
slowly fading into eternity
fear not, my child
Death has come for all
hand in hand, she'll lead you on

let those dreams drown you
in an eternal slumber
let her hands caress your soul
till you are fast asleep
till that last breath leaves you

lose yourself, child
within those tales she tells
listen closely, hear all sounds
and listen to them croon
softly into the dying light

a crown sits upon her head
heavy burden upon those shoulders
blisters upon her hard rough hands
aching feet from those long walks
and on she goes, for a thousand more nights.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


No cage may hold us No words may bind us Wisps of smoke Trails of light Intangible Dissolve into the air Fade away forever

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'll lay myself

I'll lay myself
'neath the starry skies
I'll lay myself
till I melt into oblivion

a weary spirit, is what I am

a discontent heart, is all I got
In those stars, I want to fly
In a fiery death, I want to die

I'll lay myself
above the grey ground
I'll lay myself
till I seeps into earth

a lonely soul, don't you see
a bitter man, can't you tell
In her hearth, I long to lie
In that warmth, I want to die

I'll lay myself

close to her soul
I'll lay myself
till I fade to eternity

Thursday, January 9, 2014


It's those lights that cast these shadows
please turn them off

Make the shadows go away
please turn those lights off

Monday, December 23, 2013

We fall in love with an interpretation

Sometimes, love is an unquenchable thirst

It lingers like the longing you have in your eyes
Seeps within and flow away through your fingers
It mends your long broken weary spirit
Fulfil your own discontent heart
It is the solace you searched all this time
Consolation you have promised yourself

We all fall in love

in our own way  with our interpretations                                     

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Night terrors

what is that
sleeping in my bed
wearing my skin
and a malicious grin

with it's eyes
lowly disguise
blank and hollow
a sense of wallow

and those ones
that sits and hums
and gone by day
what are they

I crawl away
in a corner I lay
in the dark night
shivering with fright

Friday, October 18, 2013


  I remember the time I took a nosedive into a heated cup of tea. I didn't drown. Maybe I did. I don't remember it all that clearly. It's all a haze, lost in a fog. I know. I should. I was there after all. Until I wasn't. I melted away. Fumes of my thoughts rose into the air in thick wisps. I entered some clear-headed nobody's nostril. I became him. Or rather he became me. I do not know. Maybe we just fused into one.
  Something like that ought to change oneself. Even for a few minutes till the effects of the world around wore off. And then the real monsters would latch on. Who knows what they will do, how long can they be kept at bay.
  Self was gone and what remained could only be described as a cold breeze on a damp day.
  But I came back.
  When I came to, I was lying in pool of things I could only imagine. Everything was gone. My tea was gone. Somebody must have drunk it. I felt a thirst taking hold. I got up. The room was closing in on me. The walls I have trusted was moving in. Crushing me. "This can't be real!" I told myself. Can it? There was music. A song I never heard before was playing slowly and pulling me in. I was still not all there. I noticed the patterns on the curtains. They have always been there. But I didn't notice them. Wonder why. I moved slowly towards them. Seemed like they went on forever.
  I laughed. What a curious galaxy I live in.

 There was a knock on the door. The music stopped. The patterns stopped moving on into infinity. The room was quiet. I was going crazy.
  There it was again. The knock."Who is it?" I whispered. I ducked under the table. They can't get to me here. I'll disappear. Into the void.
  I'll let go and the music will surely begin again.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Colours of Insanity

Last rainy morning
there was a moment
when I ceased to exist

I was gone and nothing remained
to where, I can't ever know
but come back, I did
or something akin to myself
I am not who I was before
or this world has changed
for I feel different and not quite the same

and last dark night
when I was all alone
she came to me

slowly casting her shadow
her profile upon my wall
and I sat in awe
basking in that silky light
that majesticness beholden to me
'who are you?'
is all I could manage

in all silent voices
she said to me
her name I can't repeat

she descended down upon my horrors
deep in to the chasm of lost fears
she threw them apart
took it down piece by piece
ripped them off from my walls
leaving them bear like before
told me to do what needed to be done

I looked confused
not knowing what she meant
she smiled and faded away

alone I sat confounded
gazing upon those bear walls
not knowing what to do
I looked upon the floor
where piece by piece
everything was disappearing
fading into nothingness

and then a whisper
echoed through my brain
her voice in my heart

I smiled a hefty smile
I got up from where I sat
took a brush of lovely paint
and laughing hysterically
dancing without restraint
I painted my walls
with the colours of insanity

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The one in green

Doe eyed
             bright glint
staring deeply
      blankly into the sky

    laughing softly
Laughing softly in my ears
        and everyone smiles
       and everyone listens

Flowing straight
  ebon hair
     calling, warning


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This world I know nothing of

This world I know nothing of
I just got here today
a student of the mummers
that roam this world

The wanderers who seek
the wonders it offers
the singers who dance
to the dancers' song

They seep through you
as they swim the oceans
never-knowing, unknowable
unseekable, undetectable

I know nothing of this love
that fills my very essence
I only feel but not understand
I only truly experience

This world I know nothing of
I am leaving on the morrow
a student of life and love
that resides in your hearts

And I meet those people who
search the world for themselves
and the ones that
search for the world within themselves

Friday, May 24, 2013

A song

A song lives inside me
It soothes and stirs
It slithers slowly
Its strike swift
And its soul sweet
It sweeps its sole
It swims in deep
It shakes its skin
And it swears sleepily

A song lives inside me
Slowly swelling
Stretching and sprouting
Spudding smoothly
Swiftly spreading
Soaring and sliding
Surging surely

A song resides in me
And rises high above
And burns asunder

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I went down the road.

I went down the end of the road to see what was ahead. I sat down gazing at the darkness I saw. I became lost in thoughts of the worlds that had been and the worlds that could be. I saw a heavy rain fall from the heavens. I saw the dried up earth quenching in thirst. I felt the breeze beneath my eyes. I heard the wind, whispering about the things I left behind, in my ear. I decided to rest my weary head upon the road. I laid down my body at the beginning of the end. I heard, with my ear to the ground, the approaching iniquitousness. I wept for the world that was. I hoped for this not to be a bitter end.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Courageous Coward

Voices through the crack
so lonely and black
at the back of my head
feel as heavy as lead

seeping through voids of space
slowly gone without a trace
oozing into the corner shade
cutting very much like a rusty blade

sudden and eager as ever
which, when, where ever
the feeling comes and goes
as they slowly pose and impose

whisper in my dreary ear
echo ever so far and near
words made of thunder
telling me to go under

dark on a satin backdrop
wrapped in silky taupe
dripping in blood carmine
of none other, but mine

hovering above the ground
with tears all around
a courageous coward
above all I towered


Saturday, February 23, 2013


the lonesome silent letters
and the elusive words
tormented and insatiable
they lure the obscene bards
into corners of chasms
they fill themselves
with hallucinogenic hope
with contagious fear
they walked and crawled
through dead streets
and into the graveyards
romancing Death

the solitary notes
of the sounds of melancholy
tortured left unsated
they leave the somber poets
in the depths of shallowness
these masked men of dire
reluctent to take their name
writing nonsensical verses
of rhyming rythems
on ink filled papers
and crawling slowly into
the eyes of the beholders